Rinpoche Cogyam Trungpa's 1974 Seminary Hinayana-Mahayana PDF

By Rinpoche Cogyam Trungpa

Transcript of talks given by means of Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche on the moment Vajradhatu Seminary, Snowmass Village 1974.

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Mind being in the right place has two categories: one-pointedness and being discriminating minded in the dharma. One-pointedness is the notion of awareness, 24 hour awareness. We are not only talking in terms of the awareness that takes place while you sit or while you practice, but we are talking in terms of the awareness which happens constantly all the time, which we have discussed many times before. And discriminating awareness of dharma is the kind of intelligence that enables you torelate with the activities of life.

One has to have basic meditative training. And meditative training obviously comes from shamatha and vipashyana practice, particularly from shamatha practice, which means the development of peace. You are there to witness your stupidity, your unawareness, your emotional upheaval, and your faithlessness. "Taming the mind" may be the wrong term. We are not trying to tame our mind so that everything's smooth and good. 25 Taming of the mind in this case means that you feel that there is some kind of process or relationship taking place.

R: More than that. There's a lot of things one can do, or one cannot do. I think if everybody really understood loneliness properly, they could actually become tantric students. There's that much of a link between hinayana and vajrayana. The traditional hinayanists didn't place enough emphasis on loneliness, therefore they were not well-equipped to understand tantra. But in this case it is possible, highly possible. Q: The way loneliness relates to trenpa is somewhat clear, because if we're feeling alone there isn't anything to distract us, so we don't have to go anywhere, which is some kind of one-pointedness.

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1974 Seminary Hinayana-Mahayana by Rinpoche Cogyam Trungpa

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