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By Robert Findley

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Yet there were some bright spots in European integration during this period. Spain, Portugal and Greece all adopted democratic governments, thus rendering them eligible for EEC membership. Greece joined in 198 1 followed by the Iberians in 1986. The European Monetary System (EMS) started operation in 1 978 and had good success in stabilizing intra­ EEC exchange rates. EEC financing was put on a finn footing with two budget treaties ( 1 970 and 1975, see Chapter 2 for details). The institutions of the three communities ( ESCS, Euratom and EEC) were rationalized by the 1 965 Merger Treaty and the EU Parliament was directly elected for the first time in 1979; previolLsly, its members came fro111 the members' national parliaments.

Of course, the same happened to EEC firms in EFTA, but given the EEe's much greater economic size, pressures on EFTA members to adjust were much greater than those on EEC nations. This effect helps explain why preferential integration among some nations can change the political economy attitudes of excluded nations. This is what Baldwin ( l 994, 1 995) calls the 'domino theory' of regional integration; the preferential lowcring of some trade barriers creates new pressures for outsiders to join the trade bloc and as the trade bloc gets bigger, the presslll'e to join grows.

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