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By David Newble BSc(Hons), MBChB, MD, FRACP, DipEd, Robert Cannon MA(Hons), MEdAdmin, DipTertEd (auth.)

ISBN-10: 940170578X

ISBN-13: 9789401705783

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In medical schools, most groups are expected to deal with a substantial amount of content. However, you will also wish to use the small group approach to develop the higher intellectual skills of your students and even to influence their attitudes. In order to achieve these various purposes you will need considerable skills in managing the group and a clear plan so that the discussion will proceed in an orderly fashion towards its conclusion. MANAGING A SMALL GROUP Small group teaching is considerably more difficult to manage than a lecture because you must take a closer account of the students' behaviour, personalities and difficulties.

The teacher's perceptions of group difficulties may not necessarily match those of the students. A discussion with the group about how they think things are going or the administration of a short questionnaire are ways of seeking feedback. Once the group is operating it is important to be continually on the look out for trouble. You must be sensitive to the emotional responses of the group and to the behaviour of individual students. Bion has categorized group responses into fight, flight, pairing and dependency.

However, like all such forms its main limitation is that it cannot present answers to all the questions you may think are relevant. Accordingly, you should consider adding to or adapting such forms to your own special needs. The best way of obtaining evaluation is to seek the services of a teaching unit. They will sit in on your lecture and prepare a detailed analysis. They might also suggest they record the presentation on video or audiotape and go back over it with you later. GUmED READING Almost all books which are concerned with the practicalities of teaching in education will devote some space to the lecture and you will undoubtedly find many of these helpful.

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A Handbook for Medical Teachers by David Newble BSc(Hons), MBChB, MD, FRACP, DipEd, Robert Cannon MA(Hons), MEdAdmin, DipTertEd (auth.)

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