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By Hilda D. Spear (auth.)

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Of course, they were found in Aziz's pocket and appear to be evidence of the truth of her story. McBryde goes on to say that Adela appears to have been frightened by an echo. He explains that after Fielding had left Miss Derek she saw Adela crashing down the hillside and had gone to help her; he praises Miss Derek's sensible behaviour in bringing Adela straight back to Chandrapore. McBryde is surprised to learn that Fielding believes Aziz to be innocent. He will not allow him to visit Aziz, though Mahmoud Ali is allowed in.

On the way there Fielding learns with horror that Amritrao is considering claiming twenty thousand rupees in compensation for Aziz from Adela. Commentary By now the echo in the caves has been clearly equated with evil and it is significant that when Adela faces the truth during the trial her echo disappears. Even before the announcement of Mrs Moore's death, this chapter has been concerned with the problems of death and heaven and the question of the validity of the supernatural; the idea of ghosts recurs and is immediately associated with Mrs Moore whose ghostly (that is, spiritual) presence is to remain a dominating factor throughout the rest of the book.

Professor Godbole, now Minister of Education, is helping to celebrate the Festival of the Birth of Krishna at the palace of Mau. Forster's description of the ceremony is designed to show the rich confusion of the occasion. The first paragraph illustrates the philosophic muddle of a Birth myth and comparisons with the origins of Christianity are made obvious as the account proceeds by such 36 comments as 'Gokul (the Bethlehem in that nebulous story)', 'King Kansa, who is Herod' and 'the father and mother of the Lord, warned to depart in a dream'.

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