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By Joel Olson

Olson (political technological know-how, Northern Arizona U.) examines the yank obsession with race based on its politics. He unearths that regardless of protests by means of whites that the US is a democracy, in truth it really is divided into those that benefit from the advantages of complete citizenship and others who don't. Olson works in the course of the ancient and political heritage of

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As Hannah Arendt notes, European racism has served as a bridge connecting nationalism and imperialism, two ideologies that are otherwise internally contradictory. 14 Race in the United States, however, is rooted in the institution of chattel slavery. As a result, except for the partial exception of the reservation system for Native Americans, American race has distinguished between equals and unequals within the polity rather than between nation and colony. The way in which slavery was enforced is also a crucial factor distinguishing systems of race.

In Hegelian-Marxian fashion, double consciousness implies a struggle between antagonists in which freedom requires the negation of the negation, or the destruction of the white world’s power over the dark world. Despite their disagreement over the signiWcance of double consciousness, Reed and his interlocutors share a common—and limited— understanding of the concept. In so doing they have unnecessarily restricted its interpretation. When double consciousness is understood as a form of alienation produced by the struggle between white and dark worlds, Reed’s criticism loses force.

The American racial system is distinguished from other racial systems through its basis in slavery and the means by which it was enforced, which tended to produce a bipolar racial order. But how are the two categories of this bipolarity deWned? ” According to F. James Davis, there have been two main criteria for deWning Blackness. 20 These rules are inadequate because neither explains the power relations involved in racial classiWcation. The rule of recognition at best provides a rough-and-ready way to racially identify people on the streets—the police ofWcer stopping a suspect, the teacher meeting new students, the hip-hop artist sizing up an audience.

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