Paul L. Anderson, Gail C. Anderson's Advanced C: Tips and Techniques (Hayden Books C Library) PDF

By Paul L. Anderson, Gail C. Anderson

ISBN-10: 067248417X

ISBN-13: 9780672484179

This distinctive paintings appears to be like on the portability, execution potency and programming program concepts of the complex interval. Examples are given of ways complex C functions might be moved shape process to procedure.

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Arrays of structure pointers are also possible. Unions Unions have the same formats and operators as structures. Unlike structures, which reserve separate chunks of memory for each member, unions allocate only enough memory to accommodate the largest member. On 16-bit and 32-bit machines, for example, the declaration union jack { long data; char a[4]; chunk; t As with the initialization of automatic arrays, this is no longer true in ANSI C, but many compilers still require it. + C Refresher + 27 allocates only 4 bytes of storage.

A static variable has value zero before a program starts running if a program does not explicitly initialize it. C allows two types of static variables. A variable is internal static when you declare it inside a block with the keyword static. The following function called readf (), for example, uses a static variable as a flag. readf () { static if } int once (once) { once = 0; openfiles () ; 1; /* set /* reset flag flag */ */ . readf () declares once static and initializes it to 1. The first time a program calls readf (), the function resets the flag and calls openfiles ().

To do this, you use the pointer name, the indirection operator, and the function's arguments. For example, result = (*p) (argl, arg2, ... ) ; /* call the function */ invokes func () with its arguments (if there are any) and stores the return value in result, which is an integer. The parentheses are required for the pointer name and indirection operator as well as for the optional argument list, even if the function has no arguments. Let's look at a program that uses pointers to functions to maintain a table of mathematical functions.

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