Dave Dunseath's Aim Low: Quit Often, Expect the Worst, and Other Good Advice PDF

By Dave Dunseath

ISBN-10: 1418554030

ISBN-13: 9781418554033

Imagine place of work area is the best motion picture ever? Worship on the toes of Jon Stewart? are looking to learn a humor ebook that's truly humorous? goal Low is for you.

Funny, cynical, good written, snarky, name it what you want–but there are thousands of those who will establish with the message in target Low. writer Dave Dunseath says target Low is when you have been invited to life's mammoth ceremonial dinner and ended up operating on the drive–thru. a superb present booklet and a first–rate humor ebook, goal Low additionally bargains such pearls–okay, morsels–okay, crumbs of wisdom–as:

-Hope is a crutch. Crutches are just stable for purchasing issues: outstanding parking on the mall and sympathy dates with sizzling chicks. another way, they're going to simply gradual you down.

-You can't be a failure in case you have no desire of winning.

-Whoever acknowledged not anything is simple hasn't ever attempted quitting.

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Disgraziato! (deez-GRAHT-zee-ah-toh) S Go take a good shit! You’ll feel a lot better. Va’ a fare una bella cacata! Ti sentirai meglio. (vah ah FAH-ray OON-an BEH-lah kah-KAH-tah. Tee SEHN-tee-RY-ee MEHL-yoh) Mind your own business! Fatti i fatti tuoi! (FAH-tee ee FAH-tee TOY-ee) You stink! Tu puzzi! (too POOT-zee) The hell with you! Va’ al diavolo! (vah ahl dee-AH-voh-loh) Go to Hell! (The Horns) Va’ all’ inferno! (vah ahl een-FEHR-noh) Damn you! Mannaggia a te! (mah-NAH-jah ah tay) Up yours! Va fa’n culo!

Tee SFEE-doh proh-VAH-chee) Keep your mouth shut! Sta zitto! (STAH ZEE-toh) I’ll be watching you! Ti tengo d’occhio! (tee TEHN-goh DOH-kee-oh) I’ll put the evil eye on you. Ti faccio il malocchio. (tee fah-CHOH eel mahl-OCH-kee-oh) Don’t get me mad! Non farmi arrabiare! (nohn fahr-mee ah-rah-bee-AH-ray) I’ll smack you in the face! Ti do uno schiaffo in faccia! (tee doh OO-noh skee-YAH-foh een FAH-chah) I’ll break your knees! Ti rompo le ginocchia! (tee RUM-poh lay jee-NOH-kee-yah) I’ll break your legs!

Devi essere pazzo! (DAY-vee EH-say-ray PAHT-zoh) You’ve got a thick head! Sei una testa dura! (SAY-ee oo-nah TEH-stah DOO-rah) You’re a brownnoser. Sei un leccapiedi. (SAY-ee oon lay-kah-pee-EH-dee) You dance like a fool. Balli come uno scemo. (BAH-lee KOH-may OON-oh SHAY-moh) You’re not worth spit! Non vali una lira! (nohn VAH-lee OO-nah LEE-rah) You’re a hoodlum! Sei un malandrino! (SAY-ee oon ma-lahn-DREE-noh) You’re a disgrace! Disgraziato! (deez-GRAHT-zee-ah-toh) S Go take a good shit! You’ll feel a lot better.

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