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By L. S. Grinblat

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An algebra $A$ on a collection $X$ is a relatives of subsets of this set closed lower than the operations of union and distinction of 2 subsets. the most subject of the booklet is the research of assorted algebras and households of algebras on an summary set $X$. the writer indicates how this is often regarding well-known difficulties via Lebesgue, Banach, and Ulam at the life of definite measures on summary units, with corresponding algebras being algebras of measurable subsets with admire to those measures. specifically it really is proven that for a undeniable algebra to not coincide with the algebra of all subsets of $X$ is akin to the lifestyles of a nonmeasurable set with appreciate to a given degree. even though those questions aren't concerning mathematical common sense, many leads to this region have been proved by means of ``metamathematical'' equipment, utilizing the tactic of forcing and different instruments relating to axiomatic set conception. despite the fact that, within the current booklet, the writer makes use of ``elementary'' (mainly combinatorial) tips on how to examine homes of algebras on a collection. offering new and unique fabric, the ebook is written in a transparent and readable type and illustrated via many examples and figures. The booklet might be worthy to researchers and graduate scholars operating in set conception, mathematical common sense, and combinatorics.

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R em ark : The van der Waerden theorem [W] whose generalization is the Szemeredi-Furstenberg theorem and whose proof is much simpler than the proof of the Szemeredi-Furstenberg theorem, says the following: if n, r £ N+ are fixed, [a, b] C N+ , and b —a is a sufficiently large number t, then for each partition of [a, b] into r classes there exists a class containing an arithmetic progression of n elements. 10, for any n £ N+ there exists 7 (71) £ N+ such that if A \,. . M 7(n) is a sequence of algebras, let .

We have < - £ M l-£ M l-£ M l2=1 2=1 - a2 2=1 2 <0 K - £ M l- £ M l- £ M 2=1 2=1 2=1 46 4. ii+E M i+^ +«2 2= 1 2=1 =|" S - |E m i - 1E m i - 1 E Mil+ + a2 2=1 2=1 2= 1 < \n*o - 7 1 - 7 2 - 7 3 + a 2 < - 7 1 - 7 3. Therefore, # ( ( 5 n U T „) \ C*) < - 7 1 - 73 + n - n*0. In the construction of ¿>n+i and Tn+ i, we will use one of the ultrafilters from the set M = ker An+i \ ((Sn U Tn) \ C*). Put v = # ( M ) . Obviously, v > 7 1 + 73. If M contains an A i+i-special ultrafilter, then one constructs 5n+ i,T n+i in an evident way.

A n be a finite sequence of algebras. This sequence has a system of distinct representatives if and only if for any nonempty set M e [l,n] there exist pairwise disjoint sets (J №(X)\A,). 30. 29. T heorem . For each n G N+ there is an l(n) G N+ such that if A \, . . , Ai (n) is a sequence of algebras and for each nonempty set M C [1, l(n)] there exist pairwise disjoint sets ^ ......... U ( № ) \ A ) . jeM then one can find a family of pairwise disjoint sets U = {J7i,. . , Ul{n)} (Uk t A k for all k G [1, l(n))) 3.

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