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By Willy Ley

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Speculative essays on matters of technology and ordinary background.

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This is often the tale of the way I got here to just accept who i'm. this can be a tale of worry, hate, melancholy, and desire. there'll be tears and there'll be soreness, I lay my soul naked and inform the reality regardless of how undesirable it makes me glance. This tale is a treatment consultation. This tale is my fact, and that i make no apology.

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Forerunners, called mas- n). tabas (Fig. shows a cross section of the mastaba of King 1 the First Dynasty. It is just a mud Mena of subterranean burial chamber No. 2 is the mastaba of King Djer of the First Dynasty and No. 3 the mastaba of King Den, also of the First Dynasty. You can see how the pyramid shape was gradually approached. No. 4 is the tomb of King Zoser of the Third Dynasty; I called it "tomb" for, as can covered by a solid slab of © brick. © 7777777777377^ " "'" ' " y*777777777777?

Herschel shaft, if then stated that the pyramid may have been built in that year. We now know that it But HerscheFs attempt is much older. to date the building of the pyramid on astronomical grounds took hold— long after his death. It was in 1859 that John Taylor, a London publisher and book-dealer, published a book which he had written himself. The Great Pyramid, It bore the Who title the Golden Section and Pi The Great Pyramid, built it? His conclusion Why was it 31 built and was that the pyramid had been embodying a few important measurements.

Picture of a crossbow from a Roman grave in France. Who Invented the Crossbow? ancient crossbow (Fig. ) that goes under the Greek of gastrophetes; sounding word Fig. 13. " gastrophetes, oldest But known at least there picture of a crossbow. name. The "belly gun" was cocked by end (F) of the slide is rest- on the ground and leaning the body weight on the semicircle between the two pieces Another Look 46 L and R, which may man while shooting We know about at Atlantis have been resting on the shoulders of the the weapon.

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