Download e-book for kindle: Finland: Anne Heinonen's Painting : ''Life at Home'' (Young by Jacquiline Touba

By Jacquiline Touba

ISBN-10: 0585094322

ISBN-13: 9780585094328

ISBN-10: 0823951014

ISBN-13: 9780823951017

The younger Finnish artist, Anne Heinonen, describes the tradition and traditions of her state, and discusses her portray of everyday life in her urban.

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They have their own language, called Lappish. The four peaks in Erkki's hat stand for the northern, southern, eastern, and western winds that blow through Finland. Page 14 Vera Vera is wearing gold earrings and bracelets. Vera is a Finnish gypsy (JIP-see). Gypsies are another group of people that live in Finland. They often move from place to place and stay in small communities (kuh-MYOON-ih-teez). They also have their own language. When gypsy girls turn sixteen years old, they decide if they want to wear the traditional (truh-DISH-un-ul) gypsy clothing, or follow other clothing styles in Finland.

She works as a salesperson in a store. My father lives in the city of Tampere. Tampere is about 25 miles away from Pälkäne. He works in the metal industry (IN-dus-tree). I don't have any brothers or sisters, but I have a pet. He is a black dwarf rabbit named Jeppe. Page 6 My City, My Country My village of Pälkäne is about 100 miles away from Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Helsinki is also the capital (KAP-ih-tul) of my country. Pälkäne is such a beautiful place that many people have summer homes there.

Ryijy (REW-ee-yew) A traditional Finnish hanging made from wool. sauna (SAW-nuh) A steam bath in which the steam is made by pouring water over hot stones. Suomi (SOO-oh-me) The Finnish word for Finland. terve (TEHR-veh) A Finnish word for hello. traditional (truh-DISH-un-ul) Cultural customs that are handed down from parent to child.

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Finland: Anne Heinonen's Painting : ''Life at Home'' (Young Artists of the World) by Jacquiline Touba

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